December 26, 2005

An innovation for older eyes

Posted in innovate this! at 4:17 pm by scottmaxwell

With the trend toward smaller device screen sizes while my eyesight needs move in the opposite direction, I propose that some innovation take place in the optics associated with small device formats. Until the devices can produce 3D holographic images (that can be adjusted to any size), how about allowing for some adjustment to the optics on devices? it seems to me that a simple “snap on” lens feature (or probably a dozen other ideas such as building viewers into wearable screens or devices with expanding screens) would allow people with different needs to be able to snap on lenses with different magnifications. Also, if the world moves in the direction of the SNL skit (thanks, Fred, for pointing it out, funny stuff), even the younger eyes will need something like this. Perhaps a device manufacturer or even a lens company could aim at this growing segment and become the dominant player (it is a large group with plenty of dough to spend on the device).

Can someone please innovate this!


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  1. […] Recently, I wrote a post on the issue of the computer screen size as my personal issue with the truly portable device formats. Today’s Boston Globe article “The next big thing: Tiny screens, way up close” made me connect the dots on a few developments that I believe will give us a new portable computing platform, the Wearable Internet, (at least for early adopters) within the next 2-3 years (perhaps sooner, as it is hard to give a point estimate). […]

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