December 29, 2005

Think About It!

Posted in Innovation, management at 10:06 pm by scottmaxwell

Do you ever think about what you think about?

Do you think about what you want to think about or what you should be thinking about? Is what you should be thinking about what you want to think about? If not, perhaps you should be thinking about doing something new that requires you think about what you want to think about. You may have a lot more fun…

Do you ever think about how you think about what you think about?

Do you think in a certain way (e.g., linear, creative, or intuitive) or in multiple ways (linear, creative, and intuitive)? If you think in only one way, perhaps you should be thinking about expanding your thinking. You may get more robust results from your thinking…

Of course, you may not want to think at all. If so, perhaps you should do something that does not require any thinking.

Think about it!

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  1. I was thinking about how I think just today. Thinking about what I think about and how I get to the conclusions I get to and why. I was trying to see if there was a pattern that I follow subconsciously or if I truly give each thought consideration of its own.

    It all started as I began to think about why I have such a hard time reading paper… books in particular. The conclusion? The internet, and more recently RSS, give me short summaries. At most, an article is 3 or 4 pages of text… whereas a book is hundreds of pages, with no distractions.

  2. Brilliant! Such kind, and relevant advice.

    That does take me back…I remember Dr. De Bono visiting Australia.

    He, seriously, was pretty amazing. The kind of person who literally changes the way you think…but for the better. He also had this almost Buddha like aura of warmth and charisma around him. Quite an extraordinary speaker (I found).

    The most striking thing, and what he spent a great deal of his presentation on, was the issue of simplicity. I remember he went as far as saying that governments should appoint “ministers for simplicity” to adress all the wasted opportunities and running costs that come with complexity.

    The other places I’ve found which place an emphasis on thinking as an iterative process (which gets better with time) and self awareness, are zen based martial arts – Aikido in particular. I guess, I’ve found Aikido to be of great compliment to Dr De Bono’s ideas, because both the approaches deal with centeredness and fluidity, yet Aikido is an exercise in doing, where De Bono is an exercise in thinking.

    Great post, and a timeless observation. The human brain is far from perfectly written bit of software and sometimes needs debugging.

  3. scottmaxwell said,

    Great additions! Thanks for the comments.

  4. scottmaxwell said,

    I think you need to find time to unplug and slow down more frequently. i have seen exactly what you are talking about increasing in frequency and i do not think it is a positive development. Overstimulation is great, but recharging is also great!

  5. S,

    I’ve been grappling with this “unplugging” problem since we started our software company four years ago. Unplugging is a pretty difficult thing for me to do, especially right now. I’m practically the only one in the company working on our business documents (preparing for funding) and it takes a ton of time for a first timer.

    I have a son, a wife, and an overall wonderful and fulfilling life. I’m not in denial about my addiction to all things digital… you’re right, I need to do a better job of closing the lid (on the laptop). Offline just seems so… analog.

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