December 30, 2005

I Want One of these!

Posted in Innovation at 3:26 pm by scottmaxwell

From Deepak at Techworld…a cool new gadget! Perhaps a way to solve my problem with small screen sizes?



  1. mikepk said,

    I’m trying to remember where I saw these same pictures before, those shots have been around for at least a couple of years. These are just proof of concept “industrial design art” designs (ie not really functional). Some of the technology, like the projected keyboard, already exists. The ‘pen size’ display projector, as far as I know, doesn’t yet. Although there has been some pretty amazing progress in making projectors smaller.

    Small projector

    Virtual keyboards

  2. scottmaxwell said,

    Thanks for the comments Mike. I wasn’t sure if it was real at this point, but I still want one! I would prefer, however, glasses with a projection onto the glass lense with a small keyboard entry (I like the tactile feel of a keyboard). I actually looked into it a couple of months back and decided the technology was still early for my purposes. Thanks again. Great links to interesting products!

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