January 11, 2006

Development Process Tool- Check out Rally’s Product

Posted in Product Development at 8:46 pm by scottmaxwell

We had our annual Development Forum yesterday in Cambridge (Don Dodge has a post on some of his take-aways). This forum is one of several that we put on each year for our portfolio companies (and a small number of others) to promote best practices in various areas.

One of the special attendees and presenters was Ryan Martens from Rally Software Development. I was first introduced to Ryan by Brad Feld of Mobius Venture Capital, as Brad is an investor in Ryan’s company (and has become a friend through our work together as VC advisors to Microsoft) and was interested in gaining an introduction to one of my portfolio companies. I checked with our CTO, Steve Rabin, after the introduction and Steve told me that he had evaluated Rally for another portfolio company and was a “huge fan” of the product. I had a follow-up conversation with the guys from Rally and both Steve and I thought that they would be great to include in the forum yesterday (they rang all of our bells).

I spoke to the Rally team (Ryan as well as Tim Miller and Don Hazell) before our Monday night cocktail party, and they told me more about the Rally product and services and the traction that they are getting with customers. I then went to our cocktail party and met three companies (two of which are my portfolio companies) that are using Rally’s product, all giving glowing reviews (this is a critical group, so I took the comments pretty seriously).

Net net, by the time Ryan presented at the conference (he gave an excellent presentation), I was a huge believer in what they are doing and am recommending that all development groups at least take a look at it (which will probably lead to a lot of new users). While many companies compare themselves to Salesforce.com, these guys truly are the Salesforce.com for developers. They not only have the on-demand (SAAS) product for managing the agile product development process, but also have a top notch professional services group to help companies implement the agile process AND they can connect to products that the development group is currently using. The other nice thing about their product is that it is easy to get started with and relatively low cost (similar to the Salesforce.com pricing model).

Take a look at their site and the Rally quick tour demo. Let me know what you think…

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