March 5, 2006

Coolest AJAX UI ever built!

Posted in innovate this!, Innovation, Product Development at 12:13 pm by scottmaxwell

With the recent snow in Boston (some of which is still around) I found the time to build the coolest AJAX UI that I have ever seen. Some of the characteristics of it:

  • Built 100% with off-the shelf AJAX components (7 in total)
  • Each component is fully encapsulated with an off-the-shelf wrapper
  • The interfaces between the components were so simple, I only needed to literally place each component (they were designed to be stackable).
  • The total cost of the components was $8.41 (U.S.) and I had a few components, included in that price, that turned out not to be necessary to use.
  • The only real trick to the entire exercise was getting the foundation stable enough to stack the components on top. I found that the initial foundation caused the components to crash, but with a few minutes of configuration adjustments the foundation was completely stable.
  • I tweaked the alignment of the stack to try to get to optimal alignment. I could probably have spent a little more time perfecting the alignment, but the UI still looks very good.

Take a look at the UI here. It is extremely intuitive and you do not have to be familiar with AJAX to get an appreciation for the construction technique.

I think that you will agree that this is the coolest AJAX UI ever!



  1. Dan Cornish said,

    You are the Man! Anyone who takes down the AJAX hype a few notches is all right by me. Just a warning, there is a new buzz word which I fear may become even worse. “Comet” . It is all about 1 way push whereas Ajax is about two way. Nothing new except the buzzword. Check it out.

  2. Brilliant!

    Scales to volume, a must have for customers, works globally and there are no compatibility issues with any known operating system…

    Of course it begs the question – how soon to Google figures this out and launches a competing product?

    I hope you filed for some IP protection 🙂

  3. Perhaps you’ve been away from the blog for too long…

  4. Ross Brown said,

    Colorful, symmetrical and intuitive, I like it. Unfortunately, it requires the addition of water and Microsoft Sponge 3.0 to be truly effective…

  5. […] Scott Maxwell has found the “Coolest AJAX UI ever built!“. And I completely agree at both levels of his post. […]

  6. Paul Murphy said,

    … and you got my hopes up!

  7. […] Early last month, I developed and posted what I think is the coolest Ajax UI ever. Dan Cornish pointed out that Comet is another related technology taking root. […]

  8. ganesh said,

    The only disadvantage is its not very stable or scalable and is not compatible with 3m’s netScrape.

  9. […] the coolest AJAX UI that I have ever seen […]

  10. Aliepttal said,

    Phat post, amazing looking weblog, added it to my favs!

  11. Normalbob said,


  12. Normalbob said,

    What a tool. Nobody’s ever made that “joke” before

  13. Chris said,

    Dont forget, initally AJAX was a British battle-ship too!

  14. anne said,

    I got a good idea for ajax

  15. Artur said,


  16. Incredibly well executed piece of writing

  17. free blog said,

    Thats an all ’round amazing piece..

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