March 9, 2006

Keep it simple!

Posted in Product Development at 6:45 pm by scottmaxwell

I spend a significant amount of my time with portfolio companies ranting about simplicity of product, particularly with respect to the user interface. I touched on the issue in my David vs. Goliath series, this one in particular.

Firas Raouf forwarded me a link to a YouTube video that brings the point home (at Microsoft’s expense). It highlights packaging rather than user interface, but the general point is the same. Check it out here. Pretty hilarious…


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  1. Brenda Flynn said,

    Love the video — it’s so true! It does take a certain degree of courage and confidence to leave enough white space to let your product speak for itself.

    And a great example of viral marketing too — I really enjoyed the Word of Mouth forum you held on Wednesday (the 12th of July, in case your blog software doesn’t email you notifications about comments). Thanks for doing that, and thanks for inviting Blacksmith. Here’s hoping the “lessons learned” inspire you to update your blog again!

    –Brenda Flynn

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