April 26, 2006

Ajax UI on Comet…also using soap interface

Posted in Innovation, Product Development at 8:14 am by scottmaxwell

Early last month, I developed and posted what I think is the coolest Ajax UI ever. Dan Cornish pointed out that Comet is another related technology taking root.

I needed some “warm up” material for my introductory remarks for our technology day at our xAAS forum today, so I expanded the Ajax UI so that it now sits on Comet (and a stove 🙂 making it a pretty hot Ajax on Comet UI. Take a look here.

I also inserted a soap interface here. It was a little unstable at first, given the soap container was a little too flexible 🙂



  1. Dan Cornish said,

    Comet, Ajax and SOAP create the cleanest interfaces! A blank white screen with a go button is PERFECT!

    Love the photos.

  2. scottmaxwell said,

    Dan, thanks for pointing to to the Comet!

  3. adonis said,

    i clicked on next blog and came to this place – the most boring internet site in the world – congratualtions

  4. scottmaxwell said,

    I suppose everyone is great at something 🙂

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