January 3, 2007

Announcing Mark Barry!

Posted in Execution, VC Roles at 9:02 am by scottmaxwell

We announced this morning that Mark Barry has joined OpenView Venture Partners. Mark comes to us from Microsoft’s Emerging Business Unit where he was a founder and Managing Director. We have been working with Mark for approximately five years and he and the entire Microsoft team have been extremely valuable contributors to many of our portfolio companies. We now have the opportunity to have Mark’s full time and attention focused on our portfolio companies, which will dramatically amplify his impact!
Why we asked Mark to join us…

We asked Mark to join us for five primary reasons, all relating to increasing our ability to add substantial value to the companies that we invest in:

  1. Mark has a deep passion for technology and its applications and an extreme desire to assist emerging growth technology companies meet their objectives.
  2. Mark has a global network and a proven track record of working with emerging growth companies around the world. Our model of investing is global in nature. Our belief is that all successful technology companies need to expand globally over time, so the location where they start is not as important as succeeding in the major technology markets around the world. Mark will be a major contributor to this effort and has shown no fear jumping on planes to meet and assist the best companies globally.
  3. Mark has deep functional expertise in both Sales and Customer Service. In Mark’s 16 years at Microsoft and 9 years prior to Microsoft, Mark grew professionally as a salesperson, sales manager, senior sales manager and as a senior customer support manager and won multiple awards in the process. This experience is invaluable to our portfolio companies as they work to scale during the expansion stage.
  4. Mark has substantial experience with extremely professional approaches to developing strategy, organization and processes as well as all of the ingredients associated with their successful execution. Microsoft is one of the best companies in the world at execution, and many of the tools that Mark learned and deployed successfully at Microsoft will be extremely valuable to assisting our companies as they scale.
  5. Mark is a great guy!

Mark’s role at OpenView is that of a senior investment professional. In this role, he will be the senior point person on several companies and, at the same time, will offer his functional expertise and network to our entire portfolio.

you can drop Mark a line at mbarry@openviewpartners.com


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  1. Charlie said,

    You’ve got a real catch there. Mark could sell ice cubes to the devil .I’ve been around him for years and know first hand that he is a Great Person and gets his good looks from his older brothers.
    Get him to tell you about the time he tried to sell a pair of $50 tennis shoes to his Dad. Truthfully, he’s a great guy and will be a great asset to your team. Microsofts loss is definitely, Your GAIN !!

    Best Regards
    Marks Older Brother

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