March 2, 2007

Employment 2.0

Posted in management at 10:15 am by scottmaxwell

WebWorker Daily has two recent posts about how the internet is leading to many new ways of making money (a living?) through your browser. I can’t help but believe that they will have an endless stream of new pockets of opportunity to write about for years to come as the corporate value chain continues to offer APIs at different points in the chain for third parties to offer professional services through their browsers. The posts:

From a business perspective, how can you open up your value chain to third parties (via browsers) so that skilled individuals can contribute to your business on a full or part time basis? There are many great opportunities to extend and enhance your workforce!


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  1. Dave Haft said,

    With regards to social media, and specifically video, there are a number of ways to crowdsource creative experts while adding value to your business. Gurus could contribute their time in exchange for affiliate income (based on advertisers or purchases generated from the expert’s profile page). These types of revenue streams will soon emerge – with or without API involvement.

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