April 26, 2007

A great Video on some significant shifts in the economy!

Posted in Global Investing, management, predictions at 7:49 am by scottmaxwell

My aunt sent me a link to this video which contains a very powerful set of facts around the shift in economic power over time (nothing new here, but the facts are very powerful). Clearly, the current hot topics are around China and India given the size of their populations and the rate of their economic growth. It reminds me a lot of the late 80’s when all the talk was about Japan and everyone was preparing for its global domination (which turned into years and years of Japan not meeting the expectations). That said, you need to watch this video if you have any interest in the shifting sands of the global and/or virtual economy!It must be an extremely concerning time for anyone who is flatfooted or who fears change, but it an extremely enriching time for anyone who is participating in, encouraging, and contributing to the shift!

see the video here

April 3, 2007

Announcing George Roberts!

Posted in Execution, VC Roles at 9:32 am by scottmaxwell

We announced this morning that George Roberts has joined OpenView Venture Partners. I have been working with George for about 3 years on the Board of Scriptlogic Corporation where George has been a great advisor to both the board and management team. Over time, we have found that we are extremely well aligned with respect to our beliefs around building great technology companies and it became clear that we should be working together more closely. After George spent some time getting to know the rest of the OpenView team over the last few months, we were lucky enough to convince him to become part of our team.

George has a fantastic background in Sales and Marketing (including branding, lead generation, inside sales, channel sales, and field sales), senior management, and managing for both growth and profitability. (George spent 13 years at Oracle Corporation and attaining the position as EVP North American Sales reporting to Larry Ellison…more details on his background are here).

We asked George to join the firm for several reasons:

  1. George truly enjoys helping emerging growth technology companies grow both quickly and profitably
  2. George has a great global network, which should help our portfolio companies tremendously
  3. George has and extremely rich background in all aspects of sales and marketing, a major aspect of both growth and profitability for expansion stage companies
  4. George has participated at the senior management level of a very well managed, high growth, highly profitable company, and he brings many proven process and organizational methodologies to our portfolio.
  5. George has an extremely rare and extremely good ability to help companies evolve with the strategic and operational approach that is optimized for their specific situation.
  6. George is a great guy!

George’s role at OpenView is that of a senior investment professional. In this role, he will be the senior point person on several companies and, at the same time, will offer his functional expertise and network to our entire portfolio.

You can drop George a line at groberts@openviewpartners.com