Scott Maxwell is a Boston-based Venture Capitalist focussing on Software, the Internet, and technology enabled business models. His primary focus is investing in and building companies starting at the expansion stage (companies that have a product and some customers). His posts relate to all of the companies out there that are asking the question “I have a product and some customers, now what?”

Scott’s firm is OpenView Venture Partners, a firm dedicated to helping to answer the “now what?” question. You can learn more about Scott Maxwell and his firm at www.openviewpartners.com.

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  1. Leslie McCue said,


    Love your motto….we have the same focus…but on recruitment for early stage emerging technology firms…globally. I am in Boston too…so perhaps we could discuss. We currently work with a few other VCs.

    my best,

    Leslie McCue
    The McCue Group

  2. Stephen King said,

    Just received an unsolicited email from our company, and while exploring your site noticed you are a scrummaster. My company has been self funded and is the leader in build automation. We find amongst other things that so many agile shops struggle to perform true incremental builds. They are agile in development but waterfall builds are a real bottle neck. Seeing your background I replied immediatley saying I would take the call. WHo knows there may be synergy here.

  3. B said,

    Greetings Honorable Scott,

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    And Thanks SO Much, Scott

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