February 27, 2007

The best video content delivery network on the planet!

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:17 pm by scottmaxwell

With all of the new companies surrounding video these days, I felt compelled to point to a company that I haven’t seen reviewed on TechCrunch (and ti is not in the product/company index). It is simply the best content delivery network on the planet! It is pretty amazing, and I can download songs, movies and other video content, store them, and and even download them and save them locally to watch later.

I can even connect it to my TV and watch High Definition videos or listen to songs through the TV. The downloads start very quickly and the resolution is amazing, with no jitter, flicker, or any other issues. I ordered an apple TV (which has apparently been delayed) to test out how it works, but I suspect that this is already better! I understand that the Google engineers also have done some research and determined that this technology has a significant lead on their approach and even Google may not be able to catch up (perhaps Google will buy them?)

My only complaint is that the UI for choosing the content is not great…they appear to be working on it, although they could probably use some better approaches for indexing and search for the content (perhaps the combination with Google does make some sense?)

The company has a sophisticated business model that allows video advertising on some of the content, allows subscription for other content, and even has some content that is paid for per file. They are even experimenting with video classifieds and are adding a significant amount of new content daily!

Here is the link to the company!